January 3, 2012


From Old Hollywood to a “Classic Love”…

When I first sat down with Mariel and Tony, Mariel had a vision of Old Hollywood. She immediately whipped out her computer and began to show me the photos she compiled from all of her favorite old Hollywood films. I just love it when my clients bring a little creativity of their own to the table! It really enables me to grow my perspective. In the beginning, Tony seemed to be a bit apprehensive about the entire idea. But with a little verbal imagery (and a couple of bow-tie references),  I knew I could persuade him by reminding him of his Ol’ Kappa days at TSU. LOL… As we continued our discussion, I learned that one thing they shared was a heart of an old soul. This later prompted me to ask what they envisioned when I mentioned the word love…..and, immediately, both of them began speaking about the love their grandparents showed to one another. This is when the concept of Old Hollywood evolved into a “Classic Love” story.

Take a look at a few shots from their session. I think we accomplished our goal….

  • BheeKno says:

    Awesome shoot bruh

  • Dylan says:

    love that you posted more photos from this shoot. great perspective and i reconize a few of the props. nice man

  • Won says:

    …this shoot was creatively GENIUS…loved it…their photos were like looking at a feature film. I wanted to go see “the movie” after seeing these pics to hear the rest of the story!…excellent job!!!

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