December 6, 2011

What can I say Mario and Britt? It’s here just in time…

Here is a simple timeline into the love that these two share. Let’s just say, they go waaaaaaaaay back. So, it started at Peachtree Middle … then Dunwoody High … and now they are getting married … THE END. Okay, maybe that’s a little too short of a story … especially for the history these two share. When we first spoke over the phone and they told me they went way back to those school bus and locker days, I knew we had to use those elements to emphasize their journey through time together. During the shoot, I couldn’t help but laugh as they began to reminisce about how they first hooked up. Brittany even brought a bag full of old letters (most of which were written by Mario)! I know, not what I expected! But in his defense he said this was before texting, Facebook and Twitter. A brother had to do what he had to do!

Anyway, throughout the session, a lot of unexpected things popped up … like how we finally arrived at Peachtree Middle after driving right past it the first time. The school had been torn down and rebuilt, so Mario & Britt didn’t even recognize it! The one thing that they did remember was the vintage school sign out front. My Wingman got his Vanna “Black” on and used the board letters to spell out what you see in the pic below. I must say, I think it came out pretty dope! Oh, and let me not forget! When we arrived at Dunwoody High, where Britt cheered and Mario hooped, the students there just so happened to be decorating the gym for the homecoming dance that night. We even ran into one of Brittany and Mario’s (a.k.a “Mr. Homecoming 2001″) old teachers from back in the day. To say the least, this couple share a timeless love that will only grow stronger through the years. I can’t wait to shoot the wedding in June. SEE Y’ALL in Mexico!!!!!!!

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