July 10, 2014

A little late, but the images are still hot! Here’s to another A&M love story…these two are perfect for one another! When I first sat down and met with Brittany and Darius, the first thing I noticed was how much their personalities complimented one another. Darius couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the entire time and Brittany, a little more reserved, was all about having a plan and getting things done. Even when it came to their individual sense of fashion, Brittany described her style as being more “plain Jane-ish” and Darius said he enjoyed expressing himself through fashion and had all kind of ideas on what he wanted to wear during the shoot! To say the least, they are very well balanced and I know they will be a success! They are exactly two days out from their wedding, set to take place here in Atlanta at The Peachtree Club.  I know they will be a joy to shoot!

0002_Britt & Dar0001_DSC_2173


0001_brit & dar kiss






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