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Yep it’s true! We are expecting a kid…coming July 2015!


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A little late, but the images are still hot! Here’s to another A&M love story…these two are perfect for one another! When I first sat down and met with Brittany and Darius, the first thing I noticed was how much their personalities complimented one another. Darius couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the entire time and Brittany, a little more reserved, was all about having a plan and getting things done. Even when it came to their individual sense of fashion, Brittany described her style as being more “plain Jane-ish” and Darius said he enjoyed expressing himself through fashion and had all kind of ideas on what he wanted to wear during the shoot! To say the least, they are very well balanced and I know they will be a success! They are exactly two days out from their wedding, set to take place here in Atlanta at The Peachtree Club.  I know they will be a joy to shoot!

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God sent these two to me…

As the vision for my business grows, I continuously ask God to send couples to me that have a heart after His own. The truth is that I love marriage more than I love photography. My dream is to be able to provide pre-marital counseling to each of my couples. My desire is for all of them to have a solid foundation…I want each of them to flourish.

I remember when I first received Kristin and Rick’s email inquiry earlier this year.  It was instant confirmation of everything I had been praying about. Kristin mentioned in the email about how she had been praying for the right photographer to capture her big day and that finding me was truly a blessing. Later, we met at the bridal collective (La Maison de la Bridal) where we talked for a couple of hours and they shared with me how they met. I couldn’t stop cheesing…

So, Rick was in search of a singles small group around the Atlanta area to connect with and God had just placed in Kristin’s heart to start one. Long story short, Rick was the first one to show up on Kristin’s door step that evening! Insert Wow…and then a laugh! After we finished chatting, they mentioned that they couldn’t leave without praying for my business and all the dreams God has placed in my heart…and yup, we went for it right in the middle of Lenox Mall!

The two of them will be planting Vantage Point Church here in the Atlanta area shortly after they are married. I am so encouraged by their faithfulness and I absolutely love to see couples focus more on planning to be married more than just planning a wedding . These two will be a success, without a doubt!

Read about their future ministry:





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When a “Southern Classic” is mentioned, the first two things that immediately come to mind is 1) Coca-Cola and 2) a good ole’ Ford pick-up truck…

A couple of weeks back, I shot Dylan & Lindsey’s E-session around the Downtown Decatur area in Atlanta. You may remember their surprise engagement a few months back at Octane Coffee. Dylan was adamant about incorporating his 1949 F1 Ford pick-up truck into the session. He ran around like a wild man trying to get it fixed so that it was drivable for the shoot! Lindsey, having the true spirit of a southern belle, rocked those cowgirl boots like no other! To say the least, we created instant classics! My wingman (Terry Owens w/ Canary Films) came along and documented the behind the scene moments of our adventure.

With Dylan and Lindsey’s strong faith in God and their constant pursuit of one another, I have no doubt in mind that the love they share will one day be mentioned as a great Southern Classic!





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As the NFL season comes to an end, a new season begins…

A few months ago, I had the joy of shooting two die hard Falcons fans, Adrienne & Thomas, just before the Falcons played the Super Bowl contending Seattle Seahawks here at the Georgia Dome. We had a ball! Pun intended! I have such a respect for “True” fans! Being a long time Mets fan myself, I know what it means to stick by your team through the good times and the bad. With the Falcons going 4-12 this year, these two definitely know what it means to be loyal and I have no doubt that when they experience their share of challenges and victories, they will remain as loyal to one another as they are to the home team…I am a fan of Love!









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Last night was AWESOME! It was great to be able to capture a good friend of mine propose at Octane Coffee in Grant Park. To know that Dylan doesn’t even really like coffee makes this story even better! About a year and a half ago he saw what he described as his, “Super Hot Hottie,” working at Little Tart Bakery. For the next couple of months, he and my “Wingman” Terry met up at Octane just so Dylan could get a glimpse of Lindsey. That summer, he must of spent nearly $300 bucks on Chai Tea Lattes! It took a while, but finally after a few months, he mustered up the confidence to ask her out…and the rest was history!

Dylan wanted it to be a total surprise, so everyone hid outside until he popped the question. The table where the celebration took place was disguised as being reserved for the “Lovejoy Christmas Party.” A bunch of their closest friends showed up to celebrate with the two of them. We Laughed. We Cried. We Prayed. We Partied. Oh and of course, as you can see from the images below, she said YES!!!









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The busy wedding season is officially over and I managed to find a second to take a deep breath and share some of my latest work with the world! What better way to kick off my E-session season for 2014 weddings than with a little “Coleman Love.” Phil and Tiffany knew of each other in college on the “The Hill”, but it wasn’t until after college that they caught each others eye. One evening last year, Phil popped the question at the Glenn Hotel in downtown Atlanta. So we decided to include the hotel property as one of their shoot locations. After speaking with the two of them about what they represent as a couple and what they envisioned for the session, we agreed to go for one chic & sexy look, while the other look showed a more fun & playful side of their relationship. I really enjoyed shooting them and I can’t wait to capture their BIG day in June of 2014 at The Biltmore!


PT Tie


PT Love


PT tongue out



All Black Smiles


PT Loft

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Once again, I am extremely excited to announce that Jay and Pierre’s Engagement Shoot is currently being featured on under the “Just Engaged” column! Charlene Cooper, an Essence editor, did an awesome job capturing their story!

Checkout the featured gallery entitled, “Campus Connection”:

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When these two called to say that they wanted to work with me and that one of the shoot locations was the AU, I knew it was going to be pretty dope! Since my mom, my younger cousin and my mother-in-law attended Clark, I had to represent! LOL!

Jay and Pierre met at Clark Atlanta University while working on their Masters in Public Administration. With Jay as a graduate of Fort Valley University and Pierre being a “Morehouse Man”, the two of them claw it out when football season rolls around!  Jay says the two of them began talking like 2 months after she came to the Department. They didn’t want people to know, so they kept it a secret for almost a year!  Even when people found out about them, they still didn’t talk that much during class…she sat in the front and he sat in the back. To them, business was business! They didn’t want to become distracted from the goal at hand.

Pierre, an “Alpha Man” (0000000000six!!!!), has political ambitions and desires to be the mayor of Atlanta one day…and I’m almost 100% sure that it’s going to happen with Jay on his arm! He currently does community planning and development work for a historic community in Atlanta. Jay, an “Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman” works for a public relations firm and desires to be a publicist one day for a public official. She says, “Who knows? I may end up working for Pierre!”  LOL!

Jay studied French in school and has always dreamed of going to Paris for her honeymoon…and now Pierre, “The Future Mayor of ATL”, is making her dreams come true!  Their Parisian themed wedding is planned for October of this year and  I can’t wait to capture their BIG day!