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When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Psalms 8:3-4


As I reflect on my time here in Los Cabos San Lucas, my heart is overwhelmed with joy. I was exposed to a love that extends far beyond any language, race, culture or custom. I was exposed to the how Grand God really is…the ultimate creator. I had the opportunity capture the merging of two people, two families, two cultures and build relationships that will last through the ages. A true cultural experience. I am simply in awe of what Love can accomplish!

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So I’ve been trying to write this blog for quite some time now. The photos have been sitting in the same place you see them for just over a week, but I just couldn’t find the words to bring it to a close. I think part of it was disbelief…the other was fear mixed with a little anxiety, but most importantly, an overwhelming amount of joy. You see, this engagement shoot was different than the others. It affected my heart differently. That’s because Kyla is my big sister, the girl…no, the woman I’ve been calling “Sissy” my entire life. To her, I am “Brubby Brubbington.” She is one of my best-friends, my lady, my “little sister” at times, and one of my biggest fans. In everything I have ever done, I hoped for her approval. And now, Sissy is about to be a Wife! Yep, “Mrs. Parker” (you know, Byron’s wife).

These two have been at it for a while now! Yep, on and off since 97′ in the halls of Stephenson High School (the same place I met my wife). I still remember when I was in middle school and Byron stopped by the house on Valentine’s Day and gave my sister this bright green alien in a blue robe, with a blue Nike headband on its head and two matching Nike wristbands on its arms.  The entire time all I remember thinking was, “Those wristbands are gonna be mine!”

She hasn’t stopped loving this guy since! Somehow they always ended up rekindling the flame. They’re an odd, but perfect two! My sister adores this guy…she found her Superman and Byron has found his good thing! As I write, I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that she is no longer mine, but his. God custom-designed her just for you B! You’re a King and she is your Queen. Her heart is fragile and I trust that you will handle it with care (just like Brubby would!)  I love you both! It was truly an honor to capture the unique love you two share! May 19th can’t get here any faster! I am ready to party with you both since I don’t have to shoot the wedding! LOL



Ky & By-1


Ky & By-2



Ky & By-5


Ky & By-6



Ky & By-3



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re·fined ( Adj.)- With impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing.

Tonight I was reviewing a few images from my niece’s christening when I came across an image of my parents that made my heart smile! This past NYE they celebrated their 32nd Wedding Anniversary! Fortunately, I’ve been blessed enough to experience 28 of those 32 years of their growth, their successes and failures, and all of the their smiles complimented by tears. I witnessed their refinement from the front row and I am grateful for the awesome seat!

My marriage is a reflection of theirs and it is even more beautiful to know that they fought hard for the moment they shared in this image…Mom & Dad, I thank you both for paving the road so that Tia and I can experience the fullness of God’s image of marriage!


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He was too cool to leave a crumb on a cake plate…

On Saturday evening, I lost one of the most important men in my life, my grandfather. It was just three days before his 78th birthday. His birthday is one of the few birthdays I never forget, because it is exactly a week after mine. We were 50 years apart…

It feels so surreal that just two weeks ago we were sitting  at my Aunt’s kitchen table having a convo about everything but politics. It’s so crazy…that night, before leaving my house, my heart told me to bring my camera along to document our moments together. I had no clue I would be documenting our last, true conversation. As we talked, he enjoyed a piece of cake for his usual evening dessert.  For anyone who has ever witnessed by grandfather eat a piece cake, you know it’s an overly calculated performance.  He eats like Major Payne! LOL!

Anyway, if I would’ve known it was his last piece of cake, I would’ve joined him. Heck, I would’ve slapped some candles on that Entenmann’s cake and sung him Happy Birthday! But since I didn’t, I thought I’d take a second to write a blog and reflect on the moment we shared that night. We both knew it was something special! I felt like a kid all over again. I will never forget leaning on his shoulder watching “Battle Los Angeles” thinking, “Who watches alien movies?” LOL! And when that got old, we hopped in the bed and started to watch some college football. I could go on and on about that night, but I am getting a bit emotional now…

So what I’m trying to say is…today, on what would’ve been your 78th birthday, I celebrate your life Pop-Pop!

I want you to know you were an amazing grandfather to me! You’re a huge part of who I am and I love you! Happy Birthday!

12:44 pm

After completing 2 years of marriage, this morning I asked Tia if she was ready for year 3. She said, “I’m “REDy” for more than 3, I’m REDy for a 100 years.” Then she went on to say, “That would be so cool, we can be the first couple to celebrate a 100 Year Anniversary” (other than in Bible days of course). After our brief convo, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my sister’sI’m Redy” Campaign.” What started out as a fun, little experiment among girlfriends to try a new lipstick has turned into a full-blown, women’s empowerment initiative!

So of course, my creative juices got to flowing and I remembered a 5 min shoot Tia and I did a few months back. I thought, why not celebrate the woman my wife has grown to become…I tell her all the time just BE who you are and be bold enough to share the woman God has created you as. Last-night, as we reflected on our accomplishments as a family over the past year, a bit of “Tia the Perfectionist” came out and she began to talk about the areas she could have been better in. I cut her off and began highlighting her greatness…

My wife is an amazing homemaker, lover, chef…she is absolutely stunning! Her eyes are from God and her skin requires no photoshop…she is a some what of a comedian…she is bold and confident…most importantly, she is my best friend…she completes me. So, on this day, I celebrate you! You’re a reflection of me. Our family and your happiness is attached to mine. My purpose is your purpose and your purpose is mine! You are a work of God’s hands…

I Love you! Happy 2 Year Anniversary! Get REDy for a Lifetime…

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One of the shots from my shoot today with The Lyness Family. Amazing things happen when we let them…

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This past weekend I had an awesome time celebrating my younger brother, Paris’, 24th birthday and Dood’s 1st birthday. At first, Paris wasn’t really digging the whole idea of a double birthday celebration, but he couldn’t argue with the idea once the fun times got rolling. We played a little soccer and (when that got old) we busted out the frisbee, followed with cupcakes and pupcakes from OMG Cupcakes… Later, we howled off our two latest renditions of the birthday song! Good Times, Good People and a Whole Lot of Love…

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Yesterday was Tia Patterson‘s first time watching our nephew Chance. While Tia was a natural… Our dog Dood was a bit curious but more jealous than anything. At the end of a long day I had a chance too capture his first bath with Auntie! Classic Moment!

11:42 pm

Dialogue on The District:

Me: Baby, how about you write this blog!

Tia: No! I want you to write it…

Me: But babe, I want the world to hear about your 7th District Experience. They can see in the pics how I saw it…

Tia: I don’t have to say anything more babe, you captured my DC experience perfectly!

Me: *Black Guy Blushing* LOL!

“To me it’s a Amazing Photograph, to some it’s not…” (I Love Her Eyes)

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Love Is Real…

I always love to accompany Billie Board on his photo shoots as his wife and “wing girl”… but I was honored when he asked me to write this particular blog. As a newlywed (2 years in Sept!!), I have an awesome appreciation of marriage and the great adventures that come with it. So, I was humbled to be in the presence of a couple who have experienced life as husband and wife for 50 years! From the time we arrived at the Jacksons’ home until the time we left, there was so much love, joy, wisdom, and laughter shared. Billie and I learned about their journeys around the world, the love they have for family and their two pups, and that (as a wife) becoming a great cook takes time and practice! (Yeah, I admit I’m still in the learning stage, ha!)

As I looked from a distance while my husband captured the handsome couple, I became overwhelmed with a realization that the love displayed was an example of how Jesus Christ loved the church. I started to get teary eyed until I was awakened from my love daze by the words, “BABE! I need you to get that extra lens out of my bag!” Gotta love my Billie Board :-)

Nathaniel & Irene Jackson have such an honest love and it was a pleasure to witness and wonderfully easy to capture in photo. Although the pictures below are still, their love is always growing…always evolving…always living…always real.