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11:42 pm

Yesterday, I had an amazing time with my family celebrating the Resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I couldn’t help but whip out my camera a few times to capture some of the love in the room! It’s been a while since we took some good ol’ family pics.

Family Photo Set-Up

Before each shot I asked my family a simply question or graced them with a unique suggestion, the reactions were quite interesting to say the least… Gotta Love My Family!

1. “Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self”…

2. Who’s glad God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for ours sins so that we can all spend eternity in mansions?!

3. What dork created the Easter Bunny and tried to make this special day about Easter egg hunts?!


Oh and I decided to include a pic of PopPop and my beautiful niece Zoe, to show y’all where I get my handsome looks from… LOL

10:24 pm

Love does more than just restore…

So, my wife Tia completely out did herself this Valentines Day! She gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received. Not because of the amount of money she spent, but because of the heart behind it. She knew I’d love it so much that she couldn’t wait until Monday to give it to me. So, she gave it to me on Saturday evening. She comes out of the back room and tells me to close my eyes. Like any husband I’m thinking, “Game Time Leggo!” LOL… No really. Finally, she said open your eyes! And there they were… my 6 year old pair of red plaid Baracuta PF Flyers. They were completely restored with a few upgrades.  To most, an old pair of kicks wouldn’t mean much. But for anyone who really knows me, these things are my world! I’ll wear them with absolutely anything and not think twice about it. Back in October I was contemplating doing a photo-shoot of them and afterwards laying them to rest in the Oakland Cemetery. But I just couldn’t.  To say the least, they were finished! The fabric was tearing away from the sole of the shoe on both sides to the point where both pinky toes had their own AC units! And the back of the right shoe had completely split to the point that it sounded like a flip flop when I walked. Oh, and did I mention that Tia absolutely HATED these shoes!

I asked my wife why she would take a pair of shoes she hated with a passion, have them completely restored, and add materials that would extend the life of the shoes for years to come?

She then told me not to focus so much on the shoes. But what she really wanted to give me through this gift was the freedom to be myself.

“The greatest gift you can give your spouse is the freedom to be him or her self”- Radical Love





5:50 pm

So, for the last couple of weeks my lovely wife has been bugging me about taking family Christmas photos this year and believe me, I wasn’t trying to hear it! I knew how tuff it would be to dress up a puppy, set-up my equipment, and shoot the photos with no assistance (but I don’t think she did). Boooooooy did we have a time… We got the GREAT shots but let’s  just say she got a little frustrated with Dood and me for our lack of cooperation. Check out the video below I captured for a bit of her moment… LOL! I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this.

Oh and most importantly…

At this special time, we pray that you and your family have a blessed holiday season! We are enjoying our time here in North Carolina while hanging out with family and creating great memories. Dood is adapting well and already weighs 32 lbs at only 4 months old!! We miss and love you all and are excited to see you in the New Year!

God Bless,

Billie Board, Tia & Dood



1:27 am

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to capture The Hanna Family at one of the most meaningful times in their lives. That Saturday morning, with the Hannas running a little late because of the baby of course (go figure LOL!), I had a chance to do some last minute location scouting in hope of finding a couple of things to enhance the shoot. As I’m walking around the Carter Center looking for maybe a flower or even a really cool textured wall, I notice off in the distance, about 100 yards across the street, a garden.  I knew this was no ordinary garden when I saw a rocking chair, tricycle, baby crib,  little red wagon and even one of those horses….you know, the one with the little springs at the four corners. At this point I’m thinking, REALLY! God I know you told me you would direct my path as long as I acknowledge you, but REALLY!  You lead me to a vintage children garden, marked by a Big Heart at its entrance. (SMH) At this point, I knew there was purpose in what I was doing that day. With the Hannas recently celebrating their two year anniversary (APPLAUSE) and with one in the oven, the dynamics of their family are quickly changing. I knew God wanted to use me and the photos taken that day to encourage their growth as a family and depict the love Donald and Shivaughn share through their unborn son. Take a look at what was captured that morning…

9:48 pm

So, to get straight to the point guys…I kinda wouldn’t mind having a daughter now. I know…such a random way to start off a blog post, even if it is about family. But in my attempt to keep up with the “Joneses”, my mind was renewed regarding my previous fears about having a daughter. With the tunes of Coldplay being played on the eldest daughter’s cello, complimented by the youngest daughter’s improvs and a little help from my “Wingman”, the scene was set to capture the family’s unique love story. With one daughter leaving for college and the other starting highschool, it was only right to incorporate a couple of elements to depict the family’s current transition. To say the least, this family is simply amazing! From their musical talents to their unique personalities and styles, they really define what it means to be a family. Check out a few of the shots that were captured during our journey…