January 25, 2013

So I’ve been trying to write this blog for quite some time now. The photos have been sitting in the same place you see them for just over a week, but I just couldn’t find the words to bring it to a close. I think part of it was disbelief…the other was fear mixed with a little anxiety, but most importantly, an overwhelming amount of joy. You see, this engagement shoot was different than the others. It affected my heart differently. That’s because Kyla is my big sister, the girl…no, the woman I’ve been calling “Sissy” my entire life. To her, I am “Brubby Brubbington.” She is one of my best-friends, my lady, my “little sister” at times, and one of my biggest fans. In everything I have ever done, I hoped for her approval. And now, Sissy is about to be a Wife! Yep, “Mrs. Parker” (you know, Byron’s wife).

These two have been at it for a while now! Yep, on and off since 97′ in the halls of Stephenson High School (the same place I met my wife). I still remember when I was in middle school and Byron stopped by the house on Valentine’s Day and gave my sister this bright green alien in a blue robe, with a blue Nike headband on its head and two matching Nike wristbands on its arms.  The entire time all I remember thinking was, “Those wristbands are gonna be mine!”

She hasn’t stopped loving this guy since! Somehow they always ended up rekindling the flame. They’re an odd, but perfect two! My sister adores this guy…she found her Superman and Byron has found his good thing! As I write, I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that she is no longer mine, but his. God custom-designed her just for you B! You’re a King and she is your Queen. Her heart is fragile and I trust that you will handle it with care (just like Brubby would!)  I love you both! It was truly an honor to capture the unique love you two share! May 19th can’t get here any faster! I am ready to party with you both since I don’t have to shoot the wedding! LOL



Ky & By-1


Ky & By-2



Ky & By-5


Ky & By-6



Ky & By-3



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