February 8, 2012

Once again a client of mine has managed to influence my desire to have a daughter of my own. It’s so hard for your heart not to melt when you meet such a beautiful little girl like Miss Kaylah…

This little chick right hear is absolutely adorable and she poses like a pro. The shoot location was River Street Sweets candy store within the Mall of Georgia. My “Wingman” did a superb job scouting out shot locations within the mall. The new addition to the team, D. Britt, captured some of the behind-the-scenes coverage showing how Kaylah and I became homies during the shoot. When I first met up with Kaylah and her mom, I got super excited about how dope her outfits were! As the shoot got rolling, I wanted to make sure that Kaylah was completely comfortable. So, we came up with a handshake that we did after each mini session to loosen things up. The people in the store provided awesome customer service and really allowed us to push the envelope. They even let Miss Kaylah pose behind the cash register. Towards the latter end of the shoot, we transitioned over to the ferris wheel and Kaylah pulled out her pink guitar and totally rocked it! Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge…

Check out some of the shots we captured during the session. Oh, and Happy Sweet Seven to the Lovely Miss Kaylah! I can only imagine how it’s gonna be when she turns sixteen…





  • amy says:

    She’s adorable. The footage was great each picture told its own story. Sweetie most def rock the scene with this photo shoot. Job well done. I love the cash out scene. Ching ching

    • billie board says:

      Thanks so much Latoya, I really appreciate your encouragement and feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      billie board

  • Trey, you and your team did an awesome job displaying my granddaughter’s talent. She really enjoys taking pictures and you capture her personality like I’ve never seen before in previous pictures.

    This is a photo shoot that was well done. I appreciate you and I know Tahira does too.

    Selena, proud grandmother

    • billie board says:

      Ms.Selena that really means a lot! We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you and the family in the future.

  • angela jackson says:

    Tre, you cease to amaze me. Little mamma rocked it out and you captured each moment perfectly. With all of the media pushing to make 7yrs old look more like 14yrs old you guys kept her so sweet with just enough swag!!! Looking at the pictures was fun so i can only imagine how much fun the shoot was!!!

    • billie board says:

      Angie thank you so much! You really know how to encourage somebody! LOL… I’m really glad you pointed that out. It’s so important that each of us take an active role in protecting the pure innocence of our children, whether it be through photography or everyday parenting everyone plays a part.

      I can’t wait to work with you and the family in the future I know it will be a great time!

  • Tia says:

    She is a real cutie! Great job babe!

  • Sissy says:

    My favorite is her jumping in the air with the pink guitar. Great job and beautiful little girl.

    Sissy needs more nieces

  • Kamilah says:

    Love it! She looks awesome and the photos are dope! Keep up the good work Patterson!

  • Auntie Chele says:

    Nephew…Once again you nailed it! You kept the little girl precious in all her swag. The pic’s taken of the two of you were amazing also. Love seeing you do what you love-The Heart shows as the forefront of this and every shoot!

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