December 23, 2013

Last night was AWESOME! It was great to be able to capture a good friend of mine propose at Octane Coffee in Grant Park. To know that Dylan doesn’t even really like coffee makes this story even better! About a year and a half ago he saw what he described as his, “Super Hot Hottie,” working at Little Tart Bakery. For the next couple of months, he and my “Wingman” Terry met up at Octane just so Dylan could get a glimpse of Lindsey. That summer, he must of spent nearly $300 bucks on Chai Tea Lattes! It took a while, but finally after a few months, he mustered up the confidence to ask her out…and the rest was history!

Dylan wanted it to be a total surprise, so everyone hid outside until he popped the question. The table where the celebration took place was disguised as being reserved for the “Lovejoy Christmas Party.” A bunch of their closest friends showed up to celebrate with the two of them. We Laughed. We Cried. We Prayed. We Partied. Oh and of course, as you can see from the images below, she said YES!!!









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