April 18, 2012

Love Is Real…

I always love to accompany Billie Board on his photo shoots as his wife and “wing girl”… but I was honored when he asked me to write this particular blog. As a newlywed (2 years in Sept!!), I have an awesome appreciation of marriage and the great adventures that come with it. So, I was humbled to be in the presence of a couple who have experienced life as husband and wife for 50 years! From the time we arrived at the Jacksons’ home until the time we left, there was so much love, joy, wisdom, and laughter shared. Billie and I learned about their journeys around the world, the love they have for family and their two pups, and that (as a wife) becoming a great cook takes time and practice! (Yeah, I admit I’m still in the learning stage, ha!)

As I looked from a distance while my husband captured the handsome couple, I became overwhelmed with a realization that the love displayed was an example of how Jesus Christ loved the church. I started to get teary eyed until I was awakened from my love daze by the words, “BABE! I need you to get that extra lens out of my bag!” Gotta love my Billie Board :-)

Nathaniel & Irene Jackson have such an honest love and it was a pleasure to witness and wonderfully easy to capture in photo. Although the pictures below are still, their love is always growing…always evolving…always living…always real.

  • Brenda Conwell says:

    Absolutely beautiful, and so inspiring.

  • Angel Jackson says:

    This shoot abosolutely captured the true love that these two have for each other! Thanks BillieBoard and Tia. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures show geniune love and they also display the passion the man behind the camera has for his photography! I wish you many blessings on your future endeavors. Just Follow Christ, he will get you there

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