September 25, 2012

After completing 2 years of marriage, this morning I asked Tia if she was ready for year 3. She said, “I’m “REDy” for more than 3, I’m REDy for a 100 years.” Then she went on to say, “That would be so cool, we can be the first couple to celebrate a 100 Year Anniversary” (other than in Bible days of course). After our brief convo, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my sister’sI’m Redy” Campaign.” What started out as a fun, little experiment among girlfriends to try a new lipstick has turned into a full-blown, women’s empowerment initiative!

So of course, my creative juices got to flowing and I remembered a 5 min shoot Tia and I did a few months back. I thought, why not celebrate the woman my wife has grown to become…I tell her all the time just BE who you are and be bold enough to share the woman God has created you as. Last-night, as we reflected on our accomplishments as a family over the past year, a bit of “Tia the Perfectionist” came out and she began to talk about the areas she could have been better in. I cut her off and began highlighting her greatness…

My wife is an amazing homemaker, lover, chef…she is absolutely stunning! Her eyes are from God and her skin requires no photoshop…she is a some what of a comedian…she is bold and confident…most importantly, she is my best friend…she completes me. So, on this day, I celebrate you! You’re a reflection of me. Our family and your happiness is attached to mine. My purpose is your purpose and your purpose is mine! You are a work of God’s hands…

I Love you! Happy 2 Year Anniversary! Get REDy for a Lifetime…

  • Nicole Davis says:

    Wow!!!!!! This was soo beautiful!!! Congrats on ur blissful years with many more to come.. You two are truly a beautiful couple and it great to see the Love between the two of you!! Congrats again!!!!

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  • Angel says:

    I love you both! I am so a fan of your union! What God has put together let no man take asunder. Happy 2nd anniversary and may god bless you with those 98 additional years! :)

  • Won says:

    LOVE IT! …phenomenal…almost dropped a tear of joy to hear what the Lord has done and to hear your “REDy for a LifeTime” …an AwEsOmE blessing….love u guys

  • Weezy says:

    When you are in the presence of these two powerful individuals you have not choice but to be in love & inspired. God had a “double life sentence” in mind when he created this couple! I love you both ~ Weezy

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